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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Cody's huge title haul will never be repeated

Maurice Shanahan
Maurice Shanahan

Cyril Farrell

So then, Brian Cody's passes the 200-game mark as Kilkenny manager.

It's an incredible achievement in an era when Black and Amber consistency has been phenomenal.

Cody has moved ahead of the great Mick O'Dwyer in the managerial success stakes, and while it was generally assumed that no-one would ever surpass Micko's record, I think it's safe to say that Cody's title haul won't be beaten.

Of course, he's still there, so who knows how much more is to come from Kilkenny under his guidance on top of the 10 All-Irelands already won?

In an era when there's a growing tendency to intellectualise hurling as if it were a cross between chess, physics and psychology, Cody stays well clear of that stuff, treating it as the rubbish that it is.

Despite Kilkenny's remarkable strike rate, he has always operated on the basis that hurling is a simple game and that success comes to those who get the basics right and build from there.

Of course, he was lucky to have so much natural talent in Kilkenny but he has helped created the ethos which keeps the supply lines moving so smoothly.

He doesn't shove Kilkenny's many triumphs down people's throats in a manner that would probably happen in several other counties if they had done so well for so long.

That attitude that Kilkenny hurling is always more important than the individuals involved has created an ethos which has now come to be self-perpetuating, so when young players come into the senior panel, they know what's expected on all fronts.

Cody's role in creating that healthy environment should never be underestimated.

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