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'Big 3' and high fives to haunt Galway?


Galway manager Anthony Cunningham

Galway manager Anthony Cunningham


Galway manager Anthony Cunningham

When Galway won the 1987 All-Ireland hurling title, they regarded the success as all the sweeter because they had beaten Tipperary and Kilkenny, two of hurling's 'Big 3', in the semi-final and final.

So if they win the final next Sunday, it will be regarded as a triple bonus as they will have beaten Cork, Tipperary and Kilkenny, who have 91 All-Ireland titles between them, compared to Galway's four.

Waterford in 1959 and Clare in 1997 are the only counties to have won the All-Ireland by beating Cork, Tipperary and Kilkenny in the same year. Indeed, in Clare's case they did it in style, beating Tipperary in both the Munster and All-Ireland finals.

Meanwhile, Galway supporters of a more superstitious disposition will be concerned by the county's poor record in years ending in 5.

Galway have reached five finals in those years, losing them all to Tipperary (1925), Wexford (1955), Kilkenny (1975), Offaly (1985) and Cork (2005). As if Anthony Cunningham didn't have enough to worry about!

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