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'Anti-LGBT is the last great prejudice of our time,' says Donal Óg Cusack


Donal Og Cusack

Donal Og Cusack


Donal Og Cusack

'My name is Donal Óg Cusack," is the introduction to Coming Out of the Curve. "I'm a hurler, I'm an engineer and I'm a Corkman. I am also gay." Cusack admits the final statement is easily the biggest talking point.

A fascinating documentary throughout, one particular scene in Coming Out of the Curve is especially captivating.

Donal Óg Cusack, the first openly gay GAA sports star, looks at the attitudes and opinions towards homosexuality in Ireland and further afield.

The former Cork goalkeeper with three Liam McCarthy medals in his back-pocket visited Russia and spoke candidly with Vitaly Milinov, the St Petersburg politician and anti—LGBT campaigner.

The outspoken politician, whose homophobic legislation was written into Russian law, was taken aback by a simple question from the chairman of the GPA. Cusack asked the Russian whether he ever had homosexual thoughts.

A dumbstruck Milinov looked in disbelief at the interviewer.

"Disgusting question," he responded in utter disgust.

More insights come from his visit to the States, where he meets people happy to share their stories.

"There was nothing really I didn't expect," he told the RTE Guide. "I just love hearing people's stories and seeing life from their perspective.

One of those stories was from Brian 'Bru' Amerlynck, a rugby player who battled for years with his homosexuality before deciding last year to 'reveal' his true self.

"Wouldn't it be great if there were more openly gay players, but it is not easy," he tells Cusack. His interviewer hardly needs reminding after his ground-breaking and award-winning 2009 autobiography Come What May.

Closer to home, another Cork GAA star tells of her battles with her sexuality.

Valerie Mulcahy is the real star of the documentary according to Cusack and the talented forward admits that she found it difficult during her formative years to deal with who she was.

"When I was younger I didn't want to be gay," she conceded before admitting she is now comfortable in her skin.

"I hope that humans will evolve to a stage where this will not matter anymore," Cuack says towards the end of the documentary. "I believe that time will come but it would be naïve to think that we are at that stage right now.

 Adding that being anti-LGBT is "the last great prejudice of our time", Cusack sheds light on where the world sits in terms of human rights for the LGBT community.

Similar to his performances in red jersey, Cusack is utterly professional and dedicated to the task at hand.

Coming Out of the Curve will air on RTE One next Monday. 

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