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'We're not a kneejerk organisation' - GAA president John Horan to meet GPA but believes u-turn on trial of proposed rules is unlikely


GAA president John Horan. Photo: Sportsfile

GAA president John Horan. Photo: Sportsfile

GAA president John Horan. Photo: Sportsfile

GAA president John Horan has agreed to the GPA’s request for a meeting in the wake of the adoption of experimental playing rules for football but warned they are unlikely to reverse the decisions of Central Council, insisting they are not a ‘kneejerk organisation’.

The players’ body were opposed to handpasses being restricted to just three in succession and a sideline kick being required to go forward, while they also have concerns surrounding the league being used as a testing ground prompting GPA CEO Paul Flynn to seek an ‘urgent’ meeting with the GAA’s top brass.

“They’ve asked me for a meeting and I’ve agreed to meet them,” Horan said.

“We’ll finalise that. Obviously I’m going to Philadelphia on Thursday (for Football All-Star tour) but I’ve agreed with Paul Flynn that the two of us will sit down and have a meeting.

“We’ll have a discussion and see but look Central Council have made a decision, we’re not a kneejerk organisation, where Central Council are going to turn around and make an immediate change to decisions they’ve adopted.

“I think if I sit down with Paul, we’ll come to a resolution on all of this, I think it’ll be sorted. I’m not too worried.”

Chairman of the playing rules group David Hasson defended the process and pointed out that players, via the GPA, had been consulted.

“David Collins President of the GPA was on the committee (and) also we would like to think that we gave all players the opportunity to make an input into the process.

“I suppose players will always be looking at how rules might impact on their style of play. What I would say is that this was an open, transparent process. People had the option to consult and have an input into that. We were entirely transparent in that regard.”

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