Thursday 18 January 2018

Weighing up the options for the Rebel cause

Option 1: Throw Cork out of the leagues for missing their first two games in both competitions.

Result: A popular suggestion in some quarters but not allowed under rule. Even if it were possible, it would have had repercussions for other counties as Cork would be automatically relegated to Division 3 (football) and Division 2 (hurling) on the basis of disqualification rather than form. That would distort those groups in 2009.

Option 2: Order re-fixtures of the games Cork had missed so far.

Result: What if counties refused to play, as Meath had promised? Would Cork then get a walkover against a team that was ready to fulfil the fixture as planned on February 2. That would have led to more chaos.

Option 3: Persuade Meath, Dublin (football) and Kilkenny, Waterford (hurling) to squeeze in the outstanding games against Dublin.

Result: Kilkenny were prepared to play Cork next Sunday but difficulties arose with the others.

Option 4: Allow Cork back into the League but award the points for unplayed games to Meath, Dublin (football) and Kilkenny, Waterford (hurling).

Result: This was the route chosen by CCCC and has led to complaints from some counties while it remains unclear whether Cork will appeal against the decision.

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