Saturday 18 November 2017

WATCH - Tomás Ó Sé reacts with exasperation to Joe Brolly's criticism of the 'over eulogising' of the Gooch

Joe Brolly has lamented the fact that players like Colm Cooper are being suffocated in the modern game
Joe Brolly has lamented the fact that players like Colm Cooper are being suffocated in the modern game Newsdesk Newsdesk

Ciaran Whelan told him to 'shut up' repeatedly and Tomás Ó Sé pointed out some inconsistencies in his opinions but Joe Brolly stood behind his assertion that Colm Cooper did not 'possess that warrior personality'.

Brolly's Sunday Independent column yesterday criticised the over eulogising of Cooper in the wake of the 33-year-old's inter-county retirement this week.

"I'm sure Colm must be cringing himself, it was like the death of Lady Diana, you'd think someone had died with all the eulogising that was going on. Even today on the big screen in Croke Park they did it. There is no critical thinking. The media has this tendency to eulogise," he said on RTE's Allianz League Sunday programme.

The 1993 All-Ireland winner didn't think that Cooper had the ability to turn around the game and that the likes of Peter Canavan and Colm O'Rourke did.

"Of course, he was a delightful footballer. The pure pleasure of watching him. He was a perfect goal finisher. He was a wizard on the field," he added.

"My point about him has always been the same, that he doesn't have that warrior personality like other players who thrived in adversity."

Tomás Ó Sé gave his opinion on the Gooch saying: "For me, the Gooch was the best forward that I've seen play the game and I don't say that lightly. I didn't see the player's in the 70s, the Mikeys (Sheehy) and the (John) Egans.

"He did stuff with the ball that I haven't seen other players do.

"For a man at the top of his game over 15 years, marking the toughest defenders and coming out on up."

Brolly interjected at this stage and pointed out Cooper's struggles when he came up against Ryan McMenamin and Tyrone or Donegal in the 2012 All-Ireland.

"He didn't come out on top. That's not right Tomás... Tyrone '03, Donegal anonymous, Tyrone anonymous three times. You have to have some perspective."

Ó Sé responded by saying: "I normally wouldn't say it but in the article today, you had Canavan up on a pedestal. You cut the legs from under him two years ago.

"I think you open the door every morning, you see what way the wind is and if you go far enough est, you'll end up west. You actually will like."

Whelan was firmly in Ó Sé's corner.

"I know Joe did a personal assassination of him this morning. In 2002, when he came onto the scene, he was a genius," he said.

"The role of a cornerforward is a lot different to what it was 10 years ago."

Both Whelan and Ó Sé said that Cooper's role in the defeats to the Ulster counties was exarcerbated by the fact that he was an inside forward.

"You can't pin it all on the Gooch," Ó Sé said.

In Brolly's final salvo, he added: "I never saw him turn a game around when Kerry needed it."

Ó Sé responded: "I saw him 200 times doing it."

Watch the clip below:

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