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WATCH: Jack McCaffrey hijacks Jim Gavin's Sunday Game interview with hilarious antics



Dublin defender Jack McCaffrey made The Sunday Game's film crew work extremely hard on Sunday night during the Dublin reception at The Gibson Hotel.

McCaffrey did his best to distract viewers from Dublin manager Jim Gavin and Dublin captain Stephen Cluxton.

Speaking to Michael Lyster, Dublin manager Jim Gavin said “Recent Dublin and Mayo games have been nip and tuck. It was no surprise there was there was very little in it.

“I thought in the last couple of minutes, our boys showed good composure when the game was there to be won,” he said.

Asked about the future, the manager said “One of the strengths of this squad is their attitude and what they bring from their clubs and what they bring to Dublin each time. In terms of the future, there are so many good things out there. If you put any of the top teams head-to-head in championship football in an All-Ireland final,  there is not going to be much in it. That’s what we’ve seen and we’ve experienced it over the last number of years. We are very grateful that we won today and are thankful for it.

“This is  down to very hard work and sacrifice by the players over the last number of years and that’s what they’ll have to do again,” he said.

Victorious captain Stephen Cluxton said “We’re just lucky to have got out the right side of the draw today.”

“I’m definitely proud to be a part of such a fantastic group of lads. It’s just an honour and a privilege to put the jersey on with these guys. They truly are magnificent guys, each and every one of them. They are gentlemen and they are an absolute privilege to play with,” said the captain.

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