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Underdogs must show sharper teeth

THE championship form guides provided by the Allianz Football League are proving very reliable.

Of the 12 provincial games played so far, Longford's win over Laois was the only example of a team from a lower division beating higher-ranked opposition. Even then, both will be in Division 2 next year as Laois were relegated from Division 1 while Longford won Division 3.

Division 4 form didn't cut it at a higher level as Wicklow were comfortably out-gunned by Meath and Fermanagh were also undone by Down as the debut of Peter Canavan (left) on the championship sideline ended in disappointment.

Roscommon, Cavan, Antrim, Louth and Tipperary all came up short too against higher-ranked opposition.

In hurling, Westmeath's win over Antrim is the only success so far by a team considered outsiders and even that wasn't a huge shock. The championships need the underdogs to show sharper teeth.

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