Friday 17 January 2020

Tomás Ó Sé: Precious memories as curtain finally falls on my family's proud ties with Kingdom jersey newsdesk

It struck me this week that maybe the best part of playing football with my brothers across the years had little enough to do with the games themselves.

One memory I will always cherish is that of the three of us hopping into a car at Ard an Bhóthair, my late father calling after the other two to 'mind' me in case I might get sent off. The three of us would talk about anything and everything in the car. Just never football.

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Looking back, it was an environment of fairly black humour. If anyone sat in and listened, they'd probably have been left wondering 'Are these guys getting ready for a game or a murdering spree?'

With Marc's retirement, those memories came back to me with a real fondness. You know I won All-Ireland medals with my two brothers. I won Allstars with my two brothers. We saw the world together. We had a ball.

Marc and I both finished with 88 Championship appearances to our names and I'd swear the hoor hung around specifically so he'd catch me up. What can I say about him?

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He was the best corner-back I've seen, maybe typified by that famous dummy. It was his calling-card, but I remember one night being injured at training and standing next to Páidí. He wasn't conscious of me at all.

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Next thing, Marc - still just a young buck - gets the ball at corner-back. And Páidí's talking to himself. 'Watch this fella now, watch this fella now,' he says 'he'll have to give a f.....g dummy!' And what does Marc do? Throws his big, flash dummy.

He was the most skilful footballer in our house but Darragh and I would be proud enough of what we achieved too. A lot of people ask me which one of us was the best? And my answer, delivered with a wink admittedly, would be 'I've often been told I couldn't do Marc's or Darragh's job, but I'd also say they couldn't have done mine!'

I think it's fair to say that the three of us gave the county everything we had. And more. That's what I'm most proud of .

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