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Time has come for Tribesmen to ditch the excuses, insists Cummins


Danny Cummins of Galway celebrates scoring his side's third goal

Danny Cummins of Galway celebrates scoring his side's third goal


Danny Cummins of Galway celebrates scoring his side's third goal

Danny Cummins insists it's time for the Galway football team to come out from behind the shield of youth and put themselves in a position to consistently win big games.

Galway's derailing against Tipperary in an All-Ireland quarter-final last August hit them hard after the progress of a first Connacht title in eight years.

But Cummins, an the All-Star nominated corner-forward, feels they can't continue to play the inexperience card and must stand up and be counted.

"We had a youngish panel, a lot of lads were looking at a big game for the first time, but we are tired of making excuses, that this is a young team coming through," he said.

"We want to start putting in big performances and getting big results on big days, and that is something we will be aiming for this year."

Galway have welcomed back a number of players who have missed out in recent years and Cummins feels there is now more depth to their squad than at any stage in his time involved.

"It is probably the best mixture we have had in a long time," he said.

"The last couple of years you could always name a few superstars that Galway had but we have evened out a small bit and we probably have a more consistent team.


"We are long enough saying that we are building, it is time for us to produce big performances in the days ahead."

No bigger performance in the short term is required than against Cork in the opening round of the League on Sunday, a match that will go a long way to determining promotion for both to Division 1.

"You can see in the last few years that the teams getting to the latter rounds of the Championship are generally Division 1 teams who have been playing very competitive games earlier in the year," added Cummins.

"You can play all the Division 2 and Division 3 games that you want but nothing beats the bite that is there in Division 1.

"It is as close as you get to playing Championship and that is something that we aspire to getting up to.

"We had an okay season last year but we had a bit of an anti-climax with the Tipperary game.

"That is something we have to rectify this year with regard to the Championship but first is the League so we want to put in some decent performances and make a run.

"We have had slows starts in the past so we want to be more consistent."

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