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The final 50 All-Ireland quiz

Test your All-Ireland football final knowledge with our fun quiz

Question 8: Who scored Dublin's goal in 1995?
Question 8: Who scored Dublin's goal in 1995?
Question 48: Jimmy Keaveny's tally...
Question 39: Which two players survived for Dublin from 1974 to 1983?
Question 44: Who does former Mayo minor keeper play for now?

Test your All-Ireland football final knowledge with our fun quiz.

1 Who captained Dublin to victory in the 1983 All-Ireland SF final?

2 When was the last time the All-Ireland SF final featured teams who did not win their provincial titles that year?

3 Of the Mayo team that started the All-Ireland semi-final against Tyrone, how many of them played in the 2006 All-Ireland final when Mayo lost to Kerry?

4 Mayo are bidding for an All-Ireland SF and MF double next Sunday? When was that last achieved?

5 Who was the first man to lift the Sam Maguire Cup in 1928?

6 Mayo have won two, drawn one and lost one of their last four championship clashes with Dublin. True or False?

7 When was the last draw in the All-Ireland SF final?

8 Who scored Dublin's goal in the 1995 All Ireland SF final win over Tyrone?

9 Mayo won back-to-back All Irelands in 1950 and 1951, which two teams did they beat in the finals?

10 Who was the last player to be sent off in an All Ireland SF final?

11 Who was man of the match when Dublin beat Kerry to win the 2011 All Ireland SF final?

12 In what year did Dublin and Mayo meet for the only time in an All Ireland SF final?

13 Name the referee who sent off three Dublin players during the 1983 All Ireland final win over Galway?

14 Which team has lost the most All Ireland SF finals?

15 Which Meath player scored the point that denied Mayo the All Ireland title in 1996, sending the game to a replay?

16 Which AFL club did Dublin forward Ciaran Kilkenny join in 2012 before performing a u-turn last January?

17 What is the highest winning margin in an All Ireland SF final?

18 Which player scored two goals for Mayo in the 2006 All-Ireland final defeat to Kerry?

19 Dublin manager Jim Gavin is a member of which club?

20 Who preceded James Horan as Mayo manager?

21 How many different counties have won the All Ireland SFC title since the turn of the century?

22 Dublin defender Ger Brennan attended which well-known rugby school?

23 Which two counties have a 100pc record in All Ireland SF finals?

24 How many representatives do All Ireland club finalists Ballymun Kickhams have on the Dublin panel of 26?

25 Dublin reserve goalkeeper Shane Supple played professional soccer with which club?

26 Whose record did Conor Mortimer break as leading all time scorer for Mayo

27 Who was the last team to beat Mayo in the Connacht SFC?

28 Who was the first Mayo football Allstar?

29 Who were the first Dublin football Allstars?

30 Who scored the winning point in the 2006 All-Ireland semi-final between Mayo and Dublin?

31 How many Allstars did Dublin and Mayo share that year?

32 What Meath footballer scored more championship goals against Dublin goalkeeping great John O'Leary than anyone else?

33 Of the Mayo team that started this year's All-Ireland semi-final against Tyrone, how many played in the infamous qualifier defeat to Longford three years ago?

34 In what year did Dessie Farrell make his first championship appearance for Dublin?

35 What country was current Mayo manager James Horan born in?

36 In addition to James Nallen who were James Horan's other selectors during his first year (2011) in charge of Mayo?

37 Who did John Maughan replace as Mayo manager in 1995

38 In how many championship games has Stephen Cluxton conceded three goals or more?

39 Which two members of the Dublin team who won the 1983 All Ireland SF final were survivors from their 1974 breakthrough win?

40 Who was the only Dublin player to line out in their 1983 and 1995 final wins?

41 Sean Flanagan, Mayo All-Ireland winning captain of 1950 and '51, played for a Dublin club at one time in his career. Name that club.

42 Name the three Dublin players sent off in the 1983 All-Ireland final.

43 In what year did goalkeeper Johnny Cullotty captain Kerry to an All-Ireland victory?

44 Former Mayo minor goalkeeper Michael Schlingermann now plays League of Ireland football for which club?

45 Which Down All-Ireland winner won an All-Ireland GUI Senior Cup medal with Castle Golf Club in 2012?

46 Noel Curran, Paul Curran's father, won an All-Ireland medal with Offaly. True or false?

47 Which Kerry player became the 1,000th All Star in 2004. Was it (a) Tomas O' Se, (b) Paul Galvin (c ) Colm Cooper?

48 In 1977 against Armagh, Jimmy Keaveney broke Frank Stockwell's scoring record for an All-Ireland final – what was his tally that still stands to this day?

49 How many different scorers did Mayo have in their 2012 semi-final win over the Dubs?

50 What is the name of the trophy presented to the winner of Sunday's minor final?



1. Tommy Drumm

2. 2010 (Cork v Down)

3. Three (Keith Higgins, Alan Dillon, Andy Moran)

4. 2008 (Tyrone)

5. Kildare captain Bill 'Squires' Gannon.

6. True (They won in 2012-2006, drew in 1985 and lost the replay)

7. 2000 (Galway v Kerry)

8. Charlie Redmond

9. Louth (1950), Meath (1951)

10. Diarmuid Marsden (Armagh)

11. Kevin Nolan

12. 1921

13. John Gough (Antrim)

14. Kerry (20)

15. Colm Coyle

16. Hawthorn

17. 19 (1911 - Cork 6-6 Antrim 1-2)

18. Kevin O'Neill

19. Round Towers, Clondalkin

20. John O'Mahony

21. Seven (Kerry 5, Tyrone 3, Dublin, Donegal, Cork, Armagh, Galway 1 each)

22. Belvedere College

23. Donegal, Limerick (played two, won two)

24. 3 (James McCarthy, Philly McMahon, Dean Rock)

25. Ipswich Town

26. "Jinking" Joe Corcoran

27. Sligo

28. Johnny Carey (1971).

29. Paddy Cullen, Sean Doherty, Robbie Kelleher, Paddy Reilly, David Hickey and Jimmy Keaveney (1974).

30. Ciaran McDonald.

31. Four (Stephen Cluxton, Alan Brogan, Alan Dillon and Conor Mortimer).

32. Mattie McCabe scored three.

33. Ten (Chris Barrett, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins, Donal Vaughan, Kevin McLoughlin, Seamus O'Shea, Andy Moran, Aidan O'Shea, Alan Freeman, Alan Dillon).

34. 1992.

35. New Zealand.

36. Martin Connolly and Paul Jordan who subsequently stepped down.

37. Anthony Egan.

38. Three (five v Meath 2010, three v Tyrone 2008, three v Kerry 2013).

39. Brian Mullins and Anton O'Toole.

40. John O'Leary.

41. UCD.

42. Brian Mullins, Kieran Duff, and Ray Hazley

43. 1969

44. Drogheda United

45. Conor Deegan

46. False. Noel was on the Meath team which won the Sam Maguire Cup in 1967.

47. (b) Paul Galvin

48. Two goals and six points.

49. Nine (Cillian O'Connor, Alan Dillon, Enda Varley, Kevin McLoughlin, Michael Conroy, Jason Doherty, Barry Moran, Seamus O'Shea, Richie Feeney)

50. Tom Markham Cup

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