Monday 22 January 2018



Last sports event you

attended as a fan?

Had tickets for the NFL game in Wembley last year, but didn't get to go because of club commitments. Not sure after that. It wasn't a soccer match anyway! I like to play, but not watch!

Favourite sports person

outside the GAA?

Not so much a person as a team. I'm a big fan of the San Diego Chargers (right) in the NFL.

Favourite people to

follow on Twitter?

I'm not a big Twitter user, but I'm on it for NFL, so they are all NFL-related. Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer are two of my favourite correspondents. I'm an avid Fantasy league player, already gearing up for the new season.

The best thing a fan has said to you?

Not much! A legend after a score or two, but it generally doesn't last long!

The worst thing a fan has said to you?

Early in my playing career I heard a roar coming in over the line directed at me. 'Get the young fella off.' That stuck. You'll certainly listen to a lot more things said when you're 18 years of age than you do when you're 28.

Sports event you would

most like to attend?


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