Wednesday 25 April 2018

Steering clear of hacks tops Cluxton's recipe for success

Profile pieces of Dublin footballers on the Vodafone 'dubhub' on pose the question on the 'best advice' they have been given to further their careers.

Most replies focus on the same theme. Rory O'Carroll advises enjoyment, playing with abandon and never giving up; Bernard Brogan tells us to "keep it simple, work hard, it will happen".

After his point against Tyrone, there is surely tongue-in-cheek from Denis Bastick advising readers not to shoot, while Bryan Cullen says you should "get retaliation in first".

But the advice we found most interesting came from Stephen Cluxton (pictured): "Don't speak to the media!" He has never given an interview in his 10 years at the top and apparently ignored lucrative sponsorship deals too. So above everything else that Cluxton has been told on his way to becoming the best 'keeper of this era, avoiding hacks is one of the main springboards.

We'd like to ask him why his policy is so important. But we can't! We'd like to point out that one of his predecessors, John O'Leary, was always comfortable talking to the media. It didn't prevent him being one of the best 'keepers in football history.

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