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Shane Curran steps away from today's Offaly Senior B final and blasts 'blatant disregard' for public health


Shane Curran has stepped down from his role as Durrow manager ahead of Sunday's Offaly Senior B final

Shane Curran has stepped down from his role as Durrow manager ahead of Sunday's Offaly Senior B final

Shane Curran has stepped down from his role as Durrow manager ahead of Sunday's Offaly Senior B final

Former Roscommon goalkeeper Shane Curran has stepped aside as manager of an Offaly Senior B club contesting a county final later today over what he has described as "blatant disregard" for public health.

Late last night Curran made public his withdrawal from Durrow's involvement in the Senior B final against Gracefield which is timed for 1pm in Bord na Mona O'Connor Park in Tullamore.

Curran outlined in his tweet that there were two cases in the Durrow club this week, one which has led to one of their players being established as close contact.

That player must now withdraw from the final in accordance with GAA protocols around close contacts.

Offaly GAA have this morning issued a statement, stating that a Durrow player who was established as a close contact has since tested negative but must restrict movement for the next 14 days.

"No member of the Durrow senior football panel has tested positive for Covid 19," the statement read.

"Offaly GAA were made aware of a positive case connected with the Durrow club that resulted in one senior panel member being identified as a close contact. This player was subsequently tested and received a negative result. As per HSE guidelines, this player must restrict is movements for 14 days.

"Since GAA activity restarted in June we have advised that the safe return to contact sport is the personal responsibility of each player and backroom member.

"We fully respect the individual choice of a person to step away if they have a concern."

Curran feels, however, the game should have been postponed because of growing concerns, citing a similar postponement of today's South Kerry championship final and a number of league games in Fermanagh later today.

Tweeting that "we're either serious or not about Cv-19" Curran claimed "reckless endangerment with little or no respect for players.

"Why are these players, family’s, clubs, officials put at risk when known positive case and close contact in system? No club should be put in this position on eve of a final"

Speaking to Independent.ie, Curran confirmed that his coach, Owen Mooney, has also pulled away and the team will now be managed by two local selectors, Gerry Murphy and Kevin Ward.

Curran said he understood the difficulty of two people connected so deeply with the club not being able to take the stand that they have taken and that they remained on with "our blessing."

"We were still hoping it would be called off. We just saw this morning that games in Fermanagh are off because of suspected cases. If that is the case, it should be the case all over the country. I think there is a different game at play here in terms of getting championships (played) and inter-county games back up and running," he stated.

"As a manager, you talk about leadership and you talk about protecting players on and off the pitch from all of the stuff that goes on in life. When something likes this comes up you are left with no alternative, based on a lack of clarity from the Competition Controls Committee until yesterday evening and the board until last night.

"The playing group has been extremely stressed over the last 48 hours wondering if the game is going to go ahead or whether it is not going ahead," he claimed.

"As a manager, you have to show leadership in this particular situation and make a decision in the best interests of the group."

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