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Royal response on way

The Meath county executive are expected to release a statement this morning relating to the departure of two of Seamus McEnaney's selectors over the weekend, writes Colm Keys.

It follows a meeting of the executive on Monday at which both Liam Harnan, the assistant manager up to last Sunday morning, and Barry Callaghan gave their version of events over the return of Graham Geraghty to the squad.

It is believed that both men outlined their disappointment with the lack of consultation over Geraghty's return.

Callaghan was informed of the decision to bring Geraghty back while he was in an airport returning home from business.

The pair also gave details of what they felt was a manage-ment team that has grown fractured in recent months, with their views not been taken on board sufficiently.

Meath secretary Cyril Creavin indicated after the meeting that both Callaghan and Harnan were asked if there were any circumstances under which they would return to the current management set-up.

Meath are unlikely to impress on McEnaney that he must find 'local' selectors in advance of the Leinster quarter-final clash with Kildare in 11 days time.

Instead, he will be given time to prepare the team, with selectors Paul Grimley and trainer Martin McElkennon.

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