Saturday 24 March 2018

Railway Cup answer is liquid gold

Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

WAIT long enough to solve a problem and the answer will be presented to you, maybe even from the most unexpected source.

What to do with the interprovincial football and hurling championships has been a source of concern in GAA circles for a long time. Indeed, the competitions are currently under intense scrutiny, with a decision pending on whether to apply the humane killer or continue with the life-support effort.

And then, out of nowhere, pops the solution. So simple, so obvious and, better still, lined with gold. Schedule the interpro finals for Croke Park on Good Friday 2011. Presumably, Croke Park could sell alcohol in its bars on Good Friday similar to Thomond Park, so imagine the crowd it would attract. In fact, it's a certainty that they would beat the record crowd of 49,023 set by the Railway Cup finals on St Patrick's Day 1954!

Truly, a financial bonanza for Croke Park, coupled with the restoration of the interprovincial finals as events worth attending, even if the motivation might have little to do with hurling and football. Still, it's all about bums on seats in these difficult times. Of course, if Croke Park was open for business on Good Friday, Dublin pubs could seek a derogation similar to Limerick. Interesting...

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