Sunday 21 January 2018

Provincial winners who fell at the quarter-finals

2001: Tyrone (lost to Derry); Roscommon (lost to Galway).

2002: Galway (lost to Kerry).

2003: Galway (lost to Donegal); Laois (lost to Armagh).

2004: Westmeath (lost to Derry); Armagh (lost to Fermanagh).

2005: Galway (lost to Cork); Dublin (lost to Tyrone).

2006: Armagh (lost to Kerry).

2007: Sligo (lost to Cork); Tyrone (lost to Meath).

2008: Galway (lost to Cork); Dublin (lost to Tyrone); Armagh (lost to Wexford).

2009: Dublin (lost to Kerry); Mayo (lost to Meath).

  • Galway 4; Dublin 3, Armagh 3, Tyrone 2, Roscommon 1, Laois 1, Westmeath 1, Sligo 1, Mayo 1.

2009 -- How Dublin/Tyrone plan would have worked

Provincial winners, Dublin, Cork, Tyrone and Mayo would have played off against each other with the winners qualifying for the All-Ireland semi-finals. The losers would re-enter the race against the two survivors from the qualifying rounds. That would require one extra qualifying round involving Kerry, Kildare, Meath and Donegal. As it was, the latter four all advanced to the quarter-finals where Kerry and Meath won.

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