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‘Proposal B’ gets seal of approval from GAA’s top brass Larry McCarthy and Tom Ryan


GAA president Larry McCarthy

GAA president Larry McCarthy

GAA president Larry McCarthy

'Proposal B’ was handed its most significant boost yet with the news that both GAA president Larry McCarthy and Ard Stiúrthóir Tom Ryan are in favour of the radical new football championship structure.

At a media briefing this afternoon, the GAA’s two most senior officials gave their backing to the ‘league as championship’ proposal, or motion 19, which delegates will vote on this weekend.

Support from the GAA’s top table is significant not least because while counties voting rights have been halved this weekend, Central Council retains its regular haul of votes.

“I said at Congress that I thought we should be bold in terms of considering this report,” McCarthy said. “I repeated those sentiments last Saturday week on Raidio na Gaeltachta and that hasn't changed. So I would like to see us being bold in terms of our adoption of this report.

“Do I have a preference? Yes, I think I would like to see Proposal B implemented.”

Ryan, who doesn’t have voting rights in his role, echoed similar sentiments.

“From a purely personal perspective, I think if you're looking at what you'd like to see the characteristics of a football championship having, two of the things to my mind would be teams playing at their own level and you have a finite number of games, a definite start and end and teams that get to the same stage of a competition have played the same number of matches,” he said.

"And B does that. So for that reason, I think motion 19 is the one I'd like to see.”

Despite speculation to the contrary, it was confirmed that delegates will vote on the motions as they currently stand with no amendments possible on the day.

McCarthy can, in his role as president, opt to take motions off the table if there is a significant groundswell of opinion in a different direction.

"If the discussion is going in a particular way, the uachtarán might decide....and if there is a particular weight of momentum behind a particular situation, we might decide to have a look at that carefully and to see whether it carries merit and whether it could be of value but we can't do that in the space of 10, 15 minutes and then vote on it,” he said.

“That would mean that we would have to withdraw it and bring it back in February time which I'd be disappointed about myself. I think there's a bit of a momentum behind things.”

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