Sunday 17 December 2017

Physios concerned by self-interest?

THE Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) have lowered the blades on the GAA over changes to the players' injury scheme, which limits payments for physiotherapy.

According to the ISCP, it will have "a huge negative impact on players" and "is in direct conflict with their (GAA) stated aim of improving player welfare".

Also, it "may encourage players to access their own treatment from other sources, potentially from non-qualified, non-registered practitioners".

By way of solution, the ISCP "strongly recommend that the GAA reconsider the withdrawal of physiotherapy treatment for services provided by appropriately qualified practitioners". Helpfully, the ISCP provided a heading on their media release: "Chartered Physiotherapists voice concern for GAA players over withdrawal of physiotherapy cover".

Having carried the ISCP's worries, fears and recommendations, is it okay to ask if such heart-warming expressions of concern for the players might have a degree of self-interest lurking in the background? In other words, is the ISCP's main consideration that they will lose money? Perish the thought!

Irish Independent

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