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Pearse plans hit skids as gardai to probe 'forged signature'

SERIOUS doubts have been raised about Galway GAA County Board's application for floodlights at Pearse Stadium, Salthill after a sensational allegation, by gardai, that a garda signature on one part of the paperwork was forged.

A senior member of the gardai has asked the GAA and Galway City Council to investigate a signature -- purporting to be that of a garda -- which was submitted on a document by the Pearse Stadium Development Committee as part of a planning application for floodlights, to which there have been heavy and lengthy objections.

The signature at the centre of the investigation is believed to be on the end of an official document from Pearse Stadium regarding transport and traffic arrangements during big matches and concerts.


Superintendent Noel Kelly of Salthill Garda Station has advised Galway City Council that the signature is not his nor that of his inspector or sergeant, and has asked them to establish who signed the document.

The document was submitted as an attachment to another official letter from An Garda Síochána which, it has been established, was genuinely signed by a garda.

The Galway City Council have written to Galway GAA County Board seeking clarification on the matter.

The Chairman of the Pearse Stadium Development Committee, Frank Burke, said that he was "extremely shocked" by the allegation and denied any knowledge of the document in question.

"I have absolutely no knowledge of this document and can say, certainly, that nobody was authorised by our committee to interfere with any document, nor would we ever countenance such an action under any circumstance," he said.

Burke said his committee will immediately investigate the matter and will start by seeking a copy of the documentation.

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