Monday 27 January 2020

Payments to managers

The GAA's Options

1. Adopt the Liam Mulvihill idea of 1998 that inter-county managers be paid an allowance to compensate them for the behind-the-scenes work involved.

For: It regularises the situation to some degree while acknowledging that the work load on inter-county managers is immense.

Against: Once a formal fee is allowed, how can it be controlled?

As a direct payment, would it be subject to income tax? Also, it would make no difference to the club scene which accounts for most of the payments.

2. Allow team managers to take charge of their own county or club only.

For: Since the suspicions of payments are mainly focussed on ‘outside’ managers, this would solve the problem.

Against: It would be restrictive and lead to good coaches having limited outlets. An outside influence can be very beneficial. It would be virtually impossible to police at club level.

3. Allow the current situation to prevail.

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For: What’s the problem. If clubs and/or counties want to pay managers why waste time trying to prevent them? They may be breaking the rules but there’s very little that can be done about it.

Against: Allow it to go unchallenged and it will increase further, leading to an increasing amount of money going into individual pockets. Besides, if the rules on amateurism are being broken how can the authorities ignore it?

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