Monday 11 December 2017

Paul Galvin reveals the unorthodox warm-up regime that gives him a 'mental edge'

Paul Galvin
Paul Galvin Newsdesk Newsdesk

Kerry football legend Paul Galvin has revealed the bespoke warm-up regime he deployed to get a physical and mental edge on his opponents.

Commenting on the unusual training methods used by some inter-county bosses in his column in today's Ireland edition of the Sunday Times, the four-time All-Ireland winner said a coach with ideas was always better than a coach with none.

He went on to disclose the warm-up routine he used on matchday that would have him in the finest fettle for a game.

"My warm-up now would be different to what I did five years ago, even two years ago, apart from one crucial aspect I've always leaned heavily on," he said.

"Back around 2009 I realised the benefits of lifting weights and resistance training as part of a warm-up and I swear by it to this day.

"I always found some weights work on the morning of the game important for my explosive power.

"I'd try stay off-feet for near-enough two hours and manage my warm-up before employing a teammate, usually Anthony Maher, to hop on my back in the team huddle.

"I'd piggy-back Anthony, squatting, side-stepping and shuffling for 10-20 seconds. Then I'd be ready to rock.

"I always did this after the main warm-up just before thrown-in.

"The extra strength and pace this power recruitment brought to my play was lasting and was worth many a breaking ball and worth many a twist and turn out of trouble to me.

"Apart from the physical benefit to doing this, it also gave me a mental edge over others that I was doing something they weren't."

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