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Dub;in's tactics and work ethic

"The St Vincent's team that won the All-Ireland in 2008 played very similarly to what we are trying to do now, and it's quite a simple philosophy: when you don't have the ball everyone tries to get it back, and when you do have the ball you attack -- it's as simple as that. It takes a bit more to execute it, but that's the philosophy and I think you see that in every sport. Look at Barcelona: when they don't have the ball, one of their hardest workers is (Lionel) Messi and it's the same in rugby when Ireland are going well -- they don't miss a tackle."

Defeat by Cork in last year's All-Ireland semi-final

"A strong lesson for us is when we get into those (leading) positions that we have to keep going, because the three or four-point lead is a dodgy lead to have against top teams-- they won't miss frees and can come at you. It is easy to point out the frees we conceded, but there's also the other end where we had very good chances and had bad wides, dropped balls into the goalie's hands and made bad decisions. We have to work on that."

Dublin's disastrous Leinster championship form against Wexford and Meath

"Looking back, April and May were very disjointed for us. It was all a bit messy. We didn't have any of the U-21 guys until they were finished and we picked up injuries in the club championship, so I don't think that preparation for the Leinster Championship was what you'd want it to be."

The return and rejuvenation of Diarmuid Connolly

"Last autumn, there was a big change in Diarmuid and the way he was playing. He was playing with a lot more assurance and confidence and was one of the best players in the club championship. We asked him to come out and train with us in January and he has been exemplary in everything he has done so far and if he keeps doing that, everyone knows his talent and he will be very useful for us. He has had a lot of success quite young between winning a schools All-Ireland in hurling, with St Vincent's in senior club football and an U-14 football All-Ireland. But I think he wants to be winning things at the top level and has a serious hunger to do that, and as long as he keeps doing what he is doing, he'll be fine."

Media focus in Dublin

"Lyric FM don't do much reporting on GAA, so that's programmed in everywhere I go. It's not something that bothers me. I played with Dublin and you expect it. The only thing that matters is what happens within the group because there are so many diverse views out there your head would be wrecked to listen to them all. It's great from an entertainment point of view and for supporters and it's fantastic for the promotion of the game, but for the team to read and digest all of that, it would confuse them."

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