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O Flatharta drafts U-21s into Galway mix

GALWAY boss Tomas O Flatharta will finalise his championship squad tonight, with up to a dozen of the county's successful U-21 team in line for places.

In recent days, O Flatharta has flooded his training squad with more members of the U-21 team, following their success against Cavan in the All-Ireland final at Croke Park earlier this month.

Danny Commins, Colin Forde and Johnny Duane were all members of O Flatharta's squad during the league, but last week they were joined by wing-backs Tomas Fahy and Josh Moore, midfielders Tomas Flynn and Fiontain O Curraoin and half-forwards Michael Boyle and Mark Hehir.

But it has emerged that three more of the U-21 team, Eric Monahan, substitute Adrian Murphy and Gary Sweeney, have also been added to an expanded squad as final decisions are about to be made.

O Flatharta is due to sit down with Galway officials tonight to present his championship panel.

"Tomas is due to talk to us about his championship squad. I couldn't say how many U-21s will be involved. That's his call," said Galway football secretary Seamus O'Grady. "There are quite a few in there at the moment, but I doubt they will all remain.

"It would mean a lot would have to go, but we'll see."

Michael Meehan will be included, as he recovers from a tortuous two years of injury. Between knee ligaments and ankle trouble, Meehan has played only a handful of games since the 2009 championship and has effectively been laid up since March of last season.

He recently returned to training, but only last week his attacking colleague Padraic Joyce stressed that instant miracles should not be expected of him.

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