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Nothing will derail Dublin bid for six, says Donaghy

Former Kingdom star backs resilient All-Ireland champions to overcome McCaffrey absence


Kieran Donaghy. Photo: Sportsfile

Kieran Donaghy. Photo: Sportsfile


Kieran Donaghy. Photo: Sportsfile

Dublin's team ethos is so strong that they can survive the loss of Jack McCaffrey.

That's the verdict of Kieran Donaghy, who believes the five-in-a-row All-Ireland champions are no longer "overly reliant" on individual stars.

"With most teams it would be a massive game-changer but Dublin roll through these things," said Donaghy, reflecting on McCaffrey's decision to step away from inter-county football.

"If they don't (retain Sam Maguire) then you can call it a game-changer. But as of now I can't call it a game-changer... they roll through the guys that step away, the guys asked to step away or whatever, they just roll through injuries and all that kind of thing because they've got an unbelievable squad and an unbelievable team ethos. Their decision-making is the best of any team that's ever played the game," the Kerryman added.

"Their decision-making in high pressure situations, and how good they are at all that, trumps any one player missing, in my opinion. I really don't think that they're overly reliant on players any more. I think it's the culture they've developed.

"I always felt that was a thing with Dublin back in the early noughties, we'll say. I always felt one of them would do something crazy at a vital time in the game and give momentum to the opposition - whereas this current crop, over the last seven or eight years, don't do that."

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