Thursday 23 November 2017

Most county coaches already meet new standard -- Daly

Pat Daly, the GAA's head of games development and coaching
Pat Daly, the GAA's head of games development and coaching
Colm Keys

Colm Keys

PAT DALY, the GAA's head of games development and coaching, believes a majority of inter-county management teams may already meet the mandatory coaching standards that will be required by rule by 2016.

An Award 2 coaching standard will be a requirement for every inter-county Gaelic football and hurling management team in two years' time, with an Award 1 coach required for club managements. By 2018, the head coach at all levels will have to be suitably qualified.

But Daly does not envisage a situation where coaches and managers will be forced to undergo new training to make the cut and sees assessment being based on "experiential learning," the process where an individual learns through actions.

Most inter-county managers and coaches have built up significant banks of experience in charge of teams and Daly doesn't envisage problems. The time frame for introducing the coaching standards was announced at the coaching and games development conference over the weekend.

"It shouldn't be difficult for them to get up that standard," said Daly. "There is a thing called experiential learning. If you recognise experiential learning that's one way of doing it.

"The other thing is you can set it up so that if they can prove they have the skills, knowledge and understanding required it shouldn't be difficult.

"If you establish that there are deficits in what is required, then you can do the relevant module, whether that is physical fitness, communications or whatever and we address it that way," said Daly.

"What we would be doing is setting out the criteria that go with a Level 2 qualification and then we would have to establish what extent people can meet the criteria.

"If they can meet them well and good and if they can't, well you say 'what mechanisms do you put in place?' so they can meet them.

"On the basis of experiential learning, a lot of them may well have what you are looking for.

"It's being brought in so that people in charge of teams have some regard for best practice, in terms of having some kind of a conceptual understanding of what's involved in getting the best and the most out of players."

A number of researchers also made presentations, in a new departure for the conference, and there were some interesting findings.

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