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Micko: 'I could have had Dublin job ... but I changed my mind'


Mick O'Dwyer. Photo: Sportsfile

Mick O'Dwyer. Photo: Sportsfile

Mick O'Dwyer. Photo: Sportsfile

Mick O'Dwyer was on the verge of accepting the Dublin job seven years ago - but then changed his mind.

In 2004, following Tommy Lyons' departure from the footballing hotseat, O'Dwyer was in the running to replace him and met with the then chairman of the Dublin County Board, John Bailey.

O'Dwyer recalled on RTE Radio: "I met John Bailey in the K Club. A backroom team was put in place to go out and have a look at junior and intermediate games in Dublin.

"However, when I got back to Waterville I began to question my decision. Some of the former Dublin players and ex-managers began to have their say at the prospect of me taking over.

"Quite simply, they were up in arms. I subsequently made the decision the following day not to accept the post. I rang John to say that it wasn't the right time for me to take over.

"Dublin have had good teams for the past decade and that little bit of luck hasn't always gone with them. If it had, I think they would have won a couple of All-Irelands by now," said O'Dwyer.

O'Dwyer has just completed a five-year stint as manager of the Wicklow footballers.

But is this the end of the legendary Mick's career?

"I have made no decision yet as to whether I will take up another job somewhere else.

"But I'll think about my future over the next few weeks. I'd like to think my involvement in the game is not over yet. We'll just have to wait and see.

"Of course you have to be a bit mad to be involved, and I am a bit mad and that's the reason why I am in it...as long as the legs and the body will work for me, I'll keep going."