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'Mickey Harte hasn't evolved...I see elements of Arsene Wenger in him'


Mickey Harte and (right) Arsene Wenger

Mickey Harte and (right) Arsene Wenger

Mickey Harte and (right) Arsene Wenger

Mickey Harte has failed to evolve with the times as Tyrone manager and his defensive tactics and conservatism has held the county back, seeing the Ulster champions "suffocated".

Speaking on independent.ie's GAA Podcast The Throw In, in association with Allianz, The Sunday World’s Roy Curtis believes that Harte, in his sixteenth year in charge of Tyrone, has almost overstayed his welcome.

"Tyrone need a radical change to actually understand how the game is evolving," he said.

"Mickey Harte achieved great things, we all know that but as the game evolved I don't think he's evolved.

"I see elements of the sort of, Arsene Wenger - a guy who's been there, who's not going through the motions but until there's a change, does it change," Curtis said.

"They've been in need of a philosophical realignment for some time. The long standing style of play enables them to overpower weaker teams but when they come up against really top teams, the conservatism has sort of suffocated them."

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