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Mayo's Conor Mortimer not fazed by critics after Parnell switch

MAYO footballer Conor Mortimer says he's not bothered by the boo-boys who have been having a go at him for switching his club allegiance to Dublin side Parnells, WRITES CLIONA FOLEY.

"I didn't get any stick from my own club (Shrule), they all wished me well because it wasn't a footballing reason that I left the club, I had to get a job," said Mortimer, who now works as a gym manager for the big city side.

His club switch has not affected his county allegiance, but the Mayo veteran admitted that he does get "a little bit of stick" from opposing players and fans while now playing his club football in the capital.

"I'd have an up-and-down relationship with Dublin supporters anyway," Mortimer said.

"I would have a good relationship with them, don't get me wrong, I'd have the craic with them during matches.

"But players will be players, it's the same in Mayo and whatever county you come from.

"You'd be getting stick like 'go back to your own county' -- all players get it.

"But, ultimately, you're there, you're training with your club twice a week, you're trying to win a bloody club championship, that's it," he continued.

"People will crib and cry about not being with your friends for life and it's not the same, but, at the end of the day, a medal is a medal no matter who you win it with, or how you win it, once you're part of a team.

"Playing football is about winning as much you can.

"The days of just playing for the joy of it... people don't do that anymore.

"You play to win and that's it. There's no second, there's nothing else only winning."

"I think maybe if I was four or five years younger I could have tried to get a job in Dublin and just commute up and down," the 30-year-old said. "But when you're getting a little bit older, work has to be your main priority."

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