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Mayo consider forming global fan club

Mayo can generate up to €850,000 per annum from the county's diaspora under the drive of a newly appointed commercial director.

That's the view of the county's GAA action plan committee, whose suggestions will be debated and more than likely voted upon at a county board meeting next Monday night.

The figure is contained in a questions and answers booklet which is being distributed to help bring clarity to some of the proposals being made.

Although they were given their terms of reference by the Mayo County Board, the action plan committee and the board officers have been at odds over some of the proposals made.

In a note attached to the original report, the action plan committee were critical of the board for what they felt was "inadequate" information provided in relation to finances.

The appointment of a director of football and a commercial manager and the establishment of a non-executive advisory group are among proposals that there may not be agreement upon.

Mayo officers believe that some of the proposals made are contrary to general rule, but the committee are urging a change to the rules or for the county to at least lead a lobby for change.

The strategic review committee had asked that all proposals be accepted in full and feel that if they aren't then it will no longer be their view on the way forward.

The establishment of a worldwide Mayo Supporters Club has the potential to generate between €500,000 to €850,000 a year, the committee have pointed out.

Taking 15 cities where the Mayo-origin population is highest, the committee say that, under the guidance of a commercial director, each city could raise between €30,000 and €55,000 a year.

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