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Matty Forde's vision for the future

"The GAA need to play more league games on Saturday evenings and give lads a chance to have Sundays with their families. Sometimes we got home from Sunday games at 11.0 or 12.0 in the night, or later if you had a game up north. Five hours' sleep and it was up for work the next day."

  • "Wherever possible, teams should be given two weeks between qualifier games. There is just too much of a comedown after losing a championship game and one week's break is not enough because you're still struggling with defeat."
  • "Louth were robbed of a Leinster title last year. We were better off losing heavily to Dublin in 2008 than to go down as they did. Video technology has to come into play now. In rugby, 99 cases out of 100 are sorted within two minutes. The Louth thing wouldn't have taken two minutes to decide -- one look would have told everyone it was a free out."
  • "Three or four of the Wexford football panel have emigrated now. I was out of work myself from May 2008 to March 2009. Eventually, I was lucky enough to get a job as a rep with Chemsearch. Until then, I had no plans or stability. There's a list of lads as long as your arm looking for work. It's a huge worry for the GAA."
  • "The game of football is too cynical; it's win at all costs. I agree with Benny Coulter that it's hard to watch the sport. Hurling is much better to watch. Football teams will do anything to win, no matter what it takes. We always went out to play football rather than stopping opponents from playing. We tried to outscore rather than not concede."

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