Thursday 21 November 2019

Martin Breheny: Nothing courageous about snide cheap-shots at McGeeney

Kieran McGeeney
Kieran McGeeney
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

THE proliferation of former players jostling for places on pundits' platforms has unquestionably led to a lowering of the blades when it comes to commenting on individuals and teams.

Portrayed by its purveyors as courageous straight- talking, the very opposite is the case, since, in some instances, the attempt to be the hard and/or funny man is so transparent as to be embarrassing.

Where's the courage in a snide cheap-shot, delivered in a pre-planned line which can be fitted in as required?

Still, if it attracts notoriety, it's regarded as good business in a crowded marketplace.

Kieran McGeeney has branded some of the pundits as 'cowards' during their playing days and now as analysts, a remark which no doubt will leave him open to rebuke from the wounded 'celebrities.'

It's difficult to argue with McGeeney's assessment on the analysis front – the ex-players don't have to meet the subject of their remarks, unlike those of us whose job also involves heading for dressing-rooms after games.

I'm sure McGeeney has not agreed with everything written in this paper about him and Kildare over recent years, but I'll tell you this: there is no more straight-forward, cooperative and honest manager in the game when approached for reaction immediately after a match.

But, if media comments are genuinely held and fairly expressed, most managers and players will accept them, even if they disagree.

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Perhaps it's time that celebrity pundits were made to meet the targets of their remarks.

That way, we'd see who had real courage as opposed to real ego.

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