Sunday 22 September 2019

Martin Breheny: Kevin McStay's boycott threat ignores stark realities

Roscommon manager Kevin McStay. Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile
Roscommon manager Kevin McStay. Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

Kevin McStay's defiant promise to have Roscommon in Dr Hyde Park for the Connacht football final on June 17 will certainly put it up to the Connacht Council if Galway beat Sligo on Sunday.

It's Roscommon's turn to host Galway, but with doubts over safety issues at the Hyde, the possibility of moving it to Castlebar has arisen.

"We'll certainly be turning up in the Hyde, I hope someone else will be turning up to meet us on the day," said McStay.

He was talking about Galway, since a Sligo-Roscommon final would be played in Castlebar.

It sounds remarkably like a boycott threat at a time when the final pairing isn't even known, which will hardly go down well in Sligo, who have beaten Galway twice and drawn once in their last four meetings.

It will be even less well-received by the Connacht Council, who won't be enamoured by being issued with an ultimatum.

Diplomacy might have been a better tactic for McStay because no one really believes that Roscommon would boycott the final.

Apart from wasting a promising season's work when they are one win away from a place in the 'Super 8', a withdrawal would leave all their county teams suspended for a year.

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Can you see them risking so much over a venue? No, me neither.

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