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Martin Breheny: Crawford loss a blow for Royals

MIGHTY Meath midfielders have been a part of the Gaelic football scene for the past 30 years, playing a major role in the 1987, '88, '96 and '99 All-Ireland successes.

It started with the Liam Hayes-Gerry McEntee pairing, one of the longest serving partnerships in GAA history, and when they left the scene around 1992, John McDermott took over as the main man.

In the late 1990s, he was joined by Nigel Crawford, who remained the anchor tenant midfielder for over a decade. Now, Crawford has signed off, thus ending another long time residency.

He may not have been quite as high profile as the other trio, but he was still an exceptionally talented midfielder, who won't be easy to replace at a time when there are also quite a few other areas where Meath need to improve.

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