Friday 19 October 2018

Marc Ó Sé says idea of splitting Dublin up fills him with 'utter dread' Newsdesk Newsdesk

Kerry football legend Marc Ó Sé has dismissed Colm O'Rourke's assertion that Dublin should be split up.

The former Meath star has repeatedly proposed the move in recent months as he believes that young players in Dublin are being denied a chance to play inter-county football or hurling.

He also believes that it was inevitable that two Dublin teams would meet in the Leinster final in the future and argued that the level of resources at Dublin's disposal shouldn't be confined to one entity.

The thought of seeing the Kingdom's biggest rival split up isn't palatable to Ó Sé.

Writing in his column in today's Mail On Sunday, Ó Sé said: "I have this terrible vision of the future where Kerry win the Sam Maguire Cup and the natives come out an cram Denny Street for the homecoming.

"What's terrible about that?

"Well, instead of cheers ringing out as Kerry take the cannister on the usual Monday morning glory run, the only sound filling the air is the cackles of derision. 'Look at the poor deluded craturs,' one of the onlookers will shout, 'they think they have won the All-Ireland when all they have beaten is Rathmines'.

"I blame Colm O'Rourke for my recurring nightmare.

"The very thought of Dublin being split into any fraction fills me with utter dread."

Ó Sé feels that if Dublin is split then Cork (which has more clubs) would also need to broken up.

His major argument is that the move would only dilute the quality of the championship.

"More than anything, the flaw in O'Rourke's argument is that he is seeking to lower the bar to facilitate a more competitive championship," he added.

"No evolving sport has ever been served by sabotaging itself, which is effectively what you would do if you manufacture a situation where the strong are forced to back into the game's pack.

"The truth is that the greatness of this Dublin team is a blessing for our game but it won't be seen as such until others raise their standards to join them.

"A Leinster Championship would be devalued in the eyes of any true Meath or Dublin supporter, if they were reduced to taking on a divisional Dublin team."

Ó Sé argues that smaller counties will benefit when the championship is split into three tiers and not Dublin being broken up into three.

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