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Little cause for optimism

He's one of Galway's biggest supporters, but he's also one of their most honest and insightful assessors. Broadcaster and Tuam Herald Sports Editor Jim Carney, who served as a Galway selector during Tony Regan's management in the 1980s, called it bluntly in his column this week.

On midfield problems

"Not since Kevin Walsh's time have Galway consistently won the kick-out. Many attempts have been made to find a 'new' Kevin Walsh and that search became an urgent one when it emerged for all to see, in the middle of the last decade, that Joe Bergin was happier playing in the half-forward line."

"Barry Cullinane has the height and the competitiveness, but successive Galway managers just didn't tune into his wavelength for reasons I've never been able to discover. My gut feeling is that Galway won't win a kick-out in midfield for the rest of the season unless Cullinane is recalled."

Galway club scene

"Club football is this county is much (more) inferior in quality and technical merit than most people would be prepared to acknowledge."

2002 and 2005

U-21 winning teams

"They were brilliant on the actual days of the finals, but then came up well short as solid material, as units for senior success."

2007minor winners

"It's broken up and thrown on the scrapheap already."

last year's minors

"And of the brave, gutsy team led by Gerry Fahy so agonisingly close to last year's final, no disrespect, but it's not possible to name names that you'd be convinced will ever be back at Croke Park as senior players in the maroon and white."

underage scene

"To rebuild, there would need to be a concrete foundation and there's no evidence of genuine talent at ages 14 to 20 years to indicate that Galway football has a bright future."

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