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Limerick latest to reveal jump in running costs

Limerick are the latest county to announce a significant jump in running costs for their inter-county teams, with expenses rising by over €95,000 in 2011.

Sunday's annual Convention will hear county board treasurer Owen Hayes report that €692,600 was spent on preparing all inter-county teams during the year.

The €95,152 increase in costs from the previous year means that expenditure by the board will have to be reduced in 2012.

"The amount of money spent on county teams will have to be reduced and all budgets for these teams will have to be adhered to unless our supporter groups are willing to facilitate it," county board secretary Mike O'Riordan told the 'Limerick Leader' newspaper.

"In 2012, we as a county have to be very prudent in the way we operate. We have to ensure all championships are sponsored in both hurling and football. Advertising potential will have to be realised at both Mick Neville Park and the Gaelic Grounds. The gate revenue will also have to be maximised. Expenditure will have to be reduced."

Irish Independent