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Laois may seek ban on transfers to the capital

LAOIS star John O'Loughlin has admitted his transfer from Mountmellick to Dublin outfit St Brigid's was too good to turn down.

The UCD student, a key part of Justin McNulty's county side, has been offered a coaching job with Brigid's and will take up the role when he completes his degree in May. He will become the ninth Laois player to join a Dublin club.

"I was approached by Brigid's a couple of weeks ago," he admitted. "It's too good an opportunity to turn down and I'm going to start working with them straight away when I finish college in May.

"It means leaving Mountmellick which is tough. I had to think long and hard about it, but I don't see it as a permanent thing."

The chairman of the Laois club, Michael Gormley, has said the club will consider proposing a motion to ban transfers to Dublin clubs after his side have been dealt a massive blow for the forthcoming season.

"It's very unfair that players are allowed to leave small clubs and go to Dublin," he said.

"There should be a block put on it. All the players are going the one way, there's nobody coming the other way."

"We've been hit by emigration already and to start losing more players makes it even more difficult," he concluded.

Laois GAA chairman Brian Allen admitted "it's very disappointing," adding "we're again losing our top players and it's demeaning our local championships."

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