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Kerry on honour roll

However spirited the argument is put forward to assert that Tyrone are the team of the decade, the facts show that Kerry have achieved more -- irrespective of the result against Cork next Sunday.

They have already won four All-Ireland titles in the noughties and if they extend that to five, they will match the Kingdom's achievements in the 1930s and the 1980s.

It will be the seventh decade that Kerry have topped the honours list, underlining their grip on the championship since its launch in 1887.

Dublin topped the decade lists twice early in the last century and shared the honour with Kerry in the 1920s. Dublin are still a clear second to Kerry (22 v 35) on the All-Ireland list.

2000s: Kerry (2000-04-06-07)

1990s: Down 2 (1991-94); Meath 2 (1996-99)

1980s: Kerry 5 (1980-81-84-85-86)

1970s: Kerry 4 (1970-75-78-79)

1960s: Galway 3 (1964-65-66); Down 3 (1960-61-68)

1950s: Kerry 3 (1953-55-59)

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1940s: Kerry 3 (1940-41-46)

1930s: Kerry 5 (1930-31-32-37-39)

1920s: Kerry 3 (1924-26-29); Dublin 3 (1921-22-23)

1910s: Wexford 4 (1915-16-17-18)

1900s: Dublin 5 (1901-02-06-07-08)

1890s: Dublin 6 (1891-92-94-97-98-99)

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