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Johnston gets Kildare green light as saga finally ends

Seanie Johnston has finally been deemed eligible to transfer to Kildare after the most protracted inter-county GAA transfer saga came to an end last night.

The GAA's Central Competitions Controls Committee (CCCC) felt they had no option but to rubberstamp Johnston's transfer from Cavan Gaels to St Kevin's in Kildare after a decision from the Central Appeals Committee (CAC) made almost two weeks ago.

The CAC had upheld Johnston's transfer request -- which had been turned down by the CCCC for a second time on the grounds of residency -- on the basis that an objection from his club or county had not been received within the 10 days required in accordance with rule 6.10b of the Official Guide.

The CCCC had sought clarification. With no recourse to the Disputes Resolution Authority, the avenue they wanted to take to test the residency and ethos position they took, the CCCC felt they could not challenge the decision.

Johnston has been attempting to move to St Kevin's for six months. He has been training with Kildare for several weeks but must now play a championship match with St Kevin's before he can play for the Lilies.

No Kildare SFC matches have been fixed, although the draws for the second round were made last week. Clubs are under the impression there will be none played until the county team's championship business is over.

There has been suggestions that local bye-laws would allow him to play with Coill Dubh, a hurling club with a link to St Kevin's.

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