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John Greene: Kildare clubs need to act

The financial situation in Kildare GAA has gone from bad to worse, despite assurances from county board chairman John McMahon that the second bail-out will allow the county to operate with a "clean slate" next year.

On local radio last week, McMahon said: "The budgets we've presented are based on realistic figures on our current situation and what we can raise in 2013 and beyond. There's a certain amount of ambition, yes -- but ambition based on practicality."

The county board has been spending far more than it is earning and this is why it has now required a €700,000 bail-out from the GAA to tackle its debts.

Clubs in Kildare, if they are not already, need to become more engaged in this mess because the consequences for football and hurling in the county are far-reaching if there is not a radical overhaul of expenditure. The fact that the county's day-to-day spending appears to have been out of control for several years is cause for concern and tough questions need to be asked at this year's convention.


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