Friday 24 November 2017

'It's building up to be very special' - Joe Brolly and Colm Cooper assess the 'Top Three' Newsdesk Newsdesk

Dublin, Tyrone and Kerry have negotiated provincial success with little fuss and look to be on a collision course.

They have been justifiably dubbed the 'Top Three' and look ahead of the rest in the race for Sam Maguire.

Mickey Harte's Tyrone have made light work of Derry, Donegal and Down on the way to Anglo-Celt Cup, Dublin had nine points to spare over Kildare today and Kerry waltzed past Clare and Cork.

With Dublin and Tyrone on one side of the draw and Kerry the big hitters on the other side, with Mayo the only possible stumbling block, the summer looks set for two massive fixtures to decide who is crowned All-Ireland champions.

Colm Cooper, Joe Brolly and Colm O'Rourke discussed how the championship is shaping up on the Sunday Game Facebook page this evening.

JB: "The big issues are: Are Tyrone equipped to compete with Dublin? Do they have enough forward power? Are they going to be able to score enough?

"That defensive system that they have will glue the Dubs up but is that going to be enough on a big, big day in Croke Park.

CC: "I think  secretly, and Tyrone won't admit to this, they have pinpointed Dublin in an All-Ireland semi-final as make-or break for them.

"I know both teams aren't there yet but it's shaping up that way."

JB: "They will be there."

CC: "I think if Mickey Harte was planning back in January, this is the game he was looking at.

JB: "The problem you have with the Dubs is that you have so few individual weaknesses. The system is excellent, they play great football, it's all planned but on top of that they have so few individual weaknesses. Where are their weaknesses really?

CO'R: They have no weaknesses at all and they have four-five-six subs (of quality), they are bringing in new players and that's without Michael Darragh Macauley, it was without Jonny Cooper and how many more... Diarmuid Connolly.

JB: "Kerry are looking very good, the league final was brilliant. I do think that Dublin are ahead but that is building up to be something very, very special."

CC: Mayo? We just don't know with Mayo. They come one week and they're very good, they struggle against Derry, they struggle for half-an-hour against Clare. We don't know what their credentials are yet. It could possibly be a Kerry-Mayo quarter-final and what a match that would be."

JB: Mayo can play very good football at times. They've been on the road too long. They don't do what Kerry do when they have their foot on your neck. They put you away. Dublin put you away, Tyrone will put you away and they look increasingly like a team that will do that. It's the critical scores that make all the difference in the world that they can't get."

CO'R: "Mayo are still a very good side but what they do lack is a Paul Geaney and James O'Donoghue inside. They just don't have enough natural scoring ability to win an All-Ireland."

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