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In their eyes - the stars give their verdict on the replay

Clare or Cork... even some of our celebrities can't decide who'll be celebrating a victory tomorrow

Sile Seoige - the Galway girl would love to see Clare win
Sile Seoige - the Galway girl would love to see Clare win
George Hook predicts a win for his native Cork by up to six points
Actress Aoibhin Garrihy who is appearing in A Woman of No Importance in the Gate.Photo: Tony Gavin 29/6/2012
Neil Prendeville can't see his native Cork losing this time out
Solicitor Gerald Kean thinks the game will be close, but the Cork man believes the Rebels will win it
Sinead Kissane will be distracted from the match by her sister's pre-wedding hen celebrations

Clare or Cork... even some of our celebrities can't decide who'll be celebrating a victory tomorrow

George Hook

Newstalk presenter

I AM a tribal Corkman, and hurling is terribly important to Cork. The footballers there get upset, because if they win the All-Ireland, they don't seem to get as much credit as when Cork wins the hurling. When a match goes to a replay and one team gets out of jail, which Cork clearly did last time, very often that team wins the second match.

I think Clare have given it their best shot, but they've lost their opportunity, and Cork haven't given it their best shot, so they are going to be better. Cork hardly won a single puck-out in the entire match, so you can be certain that Jimmy Barry-Murphy has done nothing since then but think, 'How do I win the puck-outs?'

I think Cork will win, and maybe by six points, because they never give up, and have tremendous esprit de corps.

Will you be there?

The last time I was at an All-Ireland hurling final, Christy Ring was playing. It was 1956! I had two tickets for Sunday but gave them away, as there are people who coach kids at weekends, etc, and they should get tickets – not fair-weather supporters like me.

Aoibhin Garrihy

Fair City actress

I GREW up in Dublin, but my parents are from Clare, and my boyfriend John is too. I've started a drama school in Ennis, so I'm up and down like a yo-yo between Dublin and Clare. The atmosphere in the county is amazing at the moment, and after shouting for Dublin last weekend, it would be brilliant if Clare were to win this weekend.

I will be at the match, and was at the last one too. It was gripping, nail-biting stuff.

My nerves were gone afterwards. The fact that the final point came from corner-back Domhnall O'Donovan, who had never scored a point as a Clare hurler, was just brilliant. I think Clare are going to do it on Saturday, although it's not over until the fat lady sings, as they say, and every time we get ahead, Cork always seem to come back.

If you could have dinner with one of the team, who would it be?

Davy Fitzgerald, because I've been a huge fan since his glory days in the 90s, when he was Clare's goalie. When he'd come up to take the free, the whole place would just erupt. He has so much passion, and would literally die for the cause. You have to admire that.

Neil Prendeville

Presenter, Cork 96FM

OBVIOUSLY I want Cork to win. Sure we were robbed in the last one by a ref who couldn't count (laughs). He should have blown up after Cork had gone ahead and time was officially up, but maybe that's only sour grapes on my behalf.

If I'm to be absolutely honest, Cork were pretty awful in the first half, so I don't think anyone believed they were going to do as well as they did in the end, but they hung in there and scored goals and that made a difference. They will have to start much better this time around and get stuck in immediately, because a couple of really early goals will settle their nerves.

They're a young team and now they know that they need to come out with all guns blazing. I really can't see them losing though, after going through all that grief.

Which player stands out for you?

Well the manager Jimmy Barry-Murphy is the big hero down here, and seems to be the real inspiration, because he was a superb hurler himself. He could walk on water on Leeside, to be honest. He has a new team and a new vision, and he's really the one who has brought the Cork team to where they are now.

Sile Seoige

Radio and TV Presenter

I'M from Galway, and we were there in exactly the same situation last year, because it was a draw the first time around. It was really tough for us, obviously, both times around, so I really feel for Cork and Clare.

When I was watching their first match, I was absolutely delighted for Clare that it was a draw, because for me, they were the stronger team. They were doing so well all through it, that I think it would have been unjust if they had lost in the end. It was a really exciting match, and a lot of people seem to be asking if they can do it again as Cork are so strong. I don't have a clue, but being from the west of Ireland, I would love to see Clare win. No matter which way it goes though, it's going to be a really exciting match.

What's your favourite GAA moment?

I thought it was really powerful when Joe McDonagh sang The West's Awake in 1980. It was really spontaneous and very special, and even watching reruns of it would give you tingles. That's what's great about the GAA – it gives you so many magic moments.

Gerald Kean

Celebrity Lawyer

I'M a very proud Cork man, and although it'll be a close game, I feel that Cork will win. I was impressed by Clare last time, and I think the draw was a combination of Clare playing exceptionally well, and Cork not playing to their full potential. I am hopeful and confident that this won't happen a second time around.

Even though I would have been delighted if Cork had won, it might have been a little unfair because I thought Clare were the better team on the day. They seemed more focused and prepared, and more up for the game than Cork. I don't think it will happen a second time around, because Cork will have come away thinking, 'We need to up our standards.' They know what's going to come at them this time, so they'll be better prepared, psychologically.

With your fianceé Lisa Murphy being a Dub, what would have happened if Cork were meeting Dublin in the final?

Well our relationship couldn't continue unless Lisa supported Cork. Only joking, you wouldn't tell Lisa who to support or she'd kill you. But on this occasion, she'll be up for Cork as she loves it there too.

Sinead Kissane

TV3 Sports presenter

EVEN watching it as a neutral, the game was so nerve-wracking, and I think it's going to be very tight again. There was a kind of controversial end to it, but I hate people saying that nobody deserved to lose the game, as I think that's a cheap and easy cliché to use.

I would have felt very sorry for Clare if they were beaten, but that's sport. It just shows how great Cork are that, even though they didn't play to their full potential, they were still leading in the final few minutes, and that's what's going to make the replay even more riveting. You don't know how people will react when given a second opportunity, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ended in a draw again.

Where will you watch the match?

It's my sister Niamh's hen party this weekend and I'm her only bridesmaid. We have a belly-dancing class booked in the afternoon at 4.30. I'll do whatever my sister wants, of course, but missing it will be driving me mad, and I'll be belly-dancing my way out of the place as soon as I can to watch the end of the match.

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