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I’d never quit my job to manage Dubs: Gilroy


Dublin football manager Pat Gilroy

Dublin football manager Pat Gilroy

Dublin football manager Pat Gilroy

PAT Gilroy says he would never quit his job to become full-time Dublin football manager.

The All-Ireland-winning boss says the GAA is right to bring the controversial debate over managerial payments out of "dark corners" and supports directors of football being rewarded for their expenses and efforts -- but he has no interest in joining them.

"If someone said 'you've to give up your job to do football', I wouldn't put my hat in the ring for it. My career is important to me -- this is my pastime and what I enjoy doing. If it was my job, it wouldn't seem the same for me," he said.

"It is a massive amount of time and commitment but I really enjoy it and the way it works for me is fine. I could totally understand guys in different counties thinking differently -- we don't have big distances to travel in Dublin, but personally the whole thing suits me as it is," added Gilroy, who is managing director of facility management company Dalkia, which has a workforce of 500 employees.

Gilroy stated that he hadn't yet given Paraic Duffy's discussion document on the vexed question of managerial payments serious thought, but the Dublin manager agrees it is a debate worth having.

"I think it would be healthy to have a very open debate about it because it seems to be a thing that is talked about in dark corners," he said.

"It's probably not as big as people think.

"You hear all sorts of stories and I think amounts of money (allegedly paid to managers) are exaggerated because it is in dark corners, so it would be really healthy to have it debated," he stressed.

The post of Dublin manager is an honorary rather than monetary position -- but Gilroy does see some merit in the type of director of football role advocated by Tipperary and their manager John Evans.

"If a county wanted to have a manager and he was doing more than just the team and was providing a structure for coaching or whatever during his term, it clearly makes some sense to pay for that.

"I know John Evans in Tipp was talking of that, I can't see any issue with someone doing that," he added.

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