Thursday 22 February 2018

Ian Mallon: Time for Kildare stars to realise ‘player power’ brings likely failure

Former Kildare manager Kieran McGeeney
Former Kildare manager Kieran McGeeney

JUST when you thought the situation surrounding Kildare football couldn’t get any more ludicrous the players have now rowed in with their tuppence worth.

Twitter has been ablaze with current panel members expressing their sense of outrage at the sacking of the ultimately failed coach Kieran McGeeney with all sorts of ridiculous tweets and messages.

Some players in particular were more vocal than others. By coincidence they were the ones who did very little talking on the football pitch.

What we need here is a little perspective.

For Kildare footballers to be jumping up and down - outraged that their beloved boss has been let go - is not just bordering on the ridiculous, it is right in the heart of Bonkersville.

I write this as a Kildare man, a Kildare fan and not as a journalist with an inflated sense of opinion.

Facts are, this is no forum for players to voice their disquiet.

We saw in Cork, Waterford and Meath what happens when so-called player power takes over - it brings failure and years of splits and recriminations.

Hugh Lynch tweeted: ‘So much for player power #gutted’

I think Hugh is a fine footballer, but what exactly does he mean? There should be no such thing as player power.

All we have to do is look at the privileged professionals of the Premier League across the water to see how players should behave when a manager is sacked.

They shrug their shoulders, get on with it, and are ready to serve the next man.

Sure, senior soccer professionals may air their grievances with the chairman privately, but there are no public statements of intent.

Facts are, Kildare have won no Leinster titles in six years, and have only appeared in one Leinster final.

So what if we got to a few quarter finals and an ultimately doomed semi-final?

We won nothing under McGeeney and it is time for a change.

Who says? The clubs say, and whether you like it or not, it’s called democracy.

So for the players of Kildare, our proud county, stop tweeting, settle down and please stop making a show of yourselves.

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