Thursday 18 January 2018

Ian Mallon: Players’ pitiful statement could put Kildare football back years

Former Kildare manager Kieran McGeeney
Former Kildare manager Kieran McGeeney

IT HAS taken almost 24 hours to produce, but the 571 words written by the Kildare football panel could take years to overcome.

The pitiful statement brought out by the Kildare GAA team at teatime today sheds a very poor light on our footballers in the county and a worrying insight into the minds of our players, as a collective.

The loud ringing tone of self-entitlement, and of absolute arrogance, leaves a very poor pall on the image of our football team and of the county as a whole.

Make no mistake, this is a very poor day for Kildare, a county which is proud to possess some of the most knowledgeable and intelligent football supporters in the land.

Just who is advising these guys? I would suspect they are counselling themselves in their badly worded and poorly put out statement of “frustration and disappointment” at the sacking of manager Kieran McGeeney.

They point out that they are now a consistent top eight team. Let’s just take that staggering statistic at face value for a moment - and there we come to the nub of the problem.

Can you imagine a Dub or a Kerryman pouting out the chest and making such an unambitious statement?

They then speak of progress made.

I didn’t see much progress this year when we were hammered by the Dubs in the Leinster semi-final, nor did I during the qualifiers when we went out to Tyrone.

To make a very depressing story even more pathetic the players now want McGeeney reinstated and the panel will outline to the Kildare County Board, in the next two weeks, how future processes in the decision to keep or sack a manager are implemented.

This is the stuff of poppycock and one just has to wonder what sort of overblown, inflated, egotistical idiocy has taken over a team which has failed to win anything meaningful in many years?

The meandering statement goes into how professional an outfit McGeeney made the Kildare football team since his arrival six years ago.

Sadly, there is no sign of this so-called professionalism with this hysterical statement from a group of guys who should really start looking at themselves for the reasons behind the current failure of Kildare football.

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