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'I made a fool of myself' - David Brady reveals story behind his 'stolen car'


Former Mayo star David Brady

Former Mayo star David Brady

Former Mayo star David Brady

All Ireland final week can be a stressful time for players, fans and pundits.

The hunt for precious tickets can drain the body of fans, players are trying to keep their mind solely focused on the match while, all around them, all the talk is of Dublin v Mayo in Croke Park on Sunday.

And pundits are busy attending gigs, making sure their best suits are up to scratch, sourcing tickets for friends and in David Brady's case, dealing with a 'stolen car'.

The former Mayo man was on Harcourt Street earlier this week when his worst fears were realised - well so he thought anyway. His car, with two Ireland tickets and four suits on board, was 'stolen'.

Brady took to Twitter to frantically appeal for information but the tweets were deleted just a few short minutes later.

"I was in Harcourt St, Hatch St last night for two hours drinking water - there was no beer on board," Brady said at the Off The Ball All Ireland roadshow.

"When I was parking my car, I parked it beside an Aviva van. There were two dodgy geezers - now, they were not from Belmullet - I made sure that I pressed the button twice.

"I came out, the fuckin' car was gone.

"I'm being serious with this point - I had a lot of work I did with patient records. I had four new suits from Benetti to wear tonight, tomorrow night, Saturday night and Sunday night. I had shoes, computers, laptops - the whole lot. And two tickets, and they weren't even mine.

"I nearly shat myself.

"I train a little bit with Westmanstown, it's the Garda club. I rang the guards, rang the Superintendent, rang the boys in the drug squad. Then I tweeted - I said 'you know what, someone might spot it'.

"Next thing the ladies who had parked in my spot were going back to the car. I said to the ladies, 'Can you give me an idea what time you parked the car?' Because I parked my car at 7:10, I can guarantee it wasn't towed because the guards asked me. Next thing the ladies say 'half six'.

"I said, 'But I parked beside the Aviva van at ten-past seven'. They said, 'no, no we had the thing on [parking ticket] at half six, a three-hour one'. So they weren't lying.

"I said, 'you couldn't have?' I went, 'oh Jaysus'. There was a facade, an Aviva Insurance building. I went around the side and there was about 15 Aviva vans with my car in the middle of them.

"I have to say, I made a complete fool of myself."

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