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'I don't see that happening' - Jim Gavin rules out future return to Dublin manager's job


Former Dublin manager Jim Gavin. Photo: Sportsfile

Former Dublin manager Jim Gavin. Photo: Sportsfile


Former Dublin manager Jim Gavin. Photo: Sportsfile

JIM Gavin has ruled out any future return to the Dublin manager's job. 

Gavin surprised everyone by stepping down from the role last December, having won a record fifth All-Ireland in a row three months previously – a sixth in his seven hugely successful seasons at the helm.

In an extensive online interview with a former schoolmate, Jim Kelly of Lansdowne Yonkers FC, Gavin quashed any possibility of him returning to the role.

"I don't see that happening," Gavin replied when asked.

"I really gave it as much as I could for as long as I could. And I was involved in enough teams that…'fragmented' is probably the polite way to put it.

Citing a theory by America psychologist Daniel Gilbert called the End-of-history illusion, Gavin went on to explain how he wished to spend more time with his family and the pressures of a hectic work life.

"So this is a concept where you think that things will always be the same," he explained.

"As a player in '95, we were obviously beaten in the previous year in the All-Ireland final by Down – you think it will always be that way.

"That End-of-history illusion has always been in my head. That I would always have liked to hand the team over in some shape or form.

"At the end of each season, you bring it into the dock. You do the repair work – that's giving the players time off and preparing for the season.

"You always wanted to hand it over in reasonable condition. There's obviously a hell of a lot of work that has to be done. I know better than anyone that each season presents its own challenges. But no better men than the current group to do that.

"Could I see myself going back? Not at the moment.

"Who knows what will happen? I had so much reading and learning to pick up on that I just didn't have time. My career is very busy as well.

"Need to spend time with the family. All those factors.

"Why did I hand the baton on? That was it."

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