Friday 15 November 2019

How a summer can be turned on its head

Armagh manager Paul Grimley
Armagh manager Paul Grimley
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

TWO counties, one season, no comparison.

Eight weeks ago, Paul Grimley (pictured) was apologising to the Armagh public for the poor performance against Cavan in the Ulster championship, while Leitrim were looking ahead to what they thought was a highly likely appearance in the Connacht final and, even if they lost, a guaranteed place in the championship's final 12.

Now, Armagh are steaming purposefully forward in the All-Ireland race, having written themselves into the history books after recording the highest score (8-13) ever achieved in the qualifiers.

Meanwhile, Leitrim's season is over even before the Connacht final, after the record thumping by Armagh in Carrick-on-Shannon last Saturday.

Such are the delights and the disasters of the summer campaign.

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