Thursday 21 November 2019

Horan insists some football punditry is 'way over the top'

James Horan insists some of the punditry in GAA is 'way over the top'
James Horan insists some of the punditry in GAA is 'way over the top'

Former Mayo manager James Horan insists some of the punditry and commentary surrounding football is "way over the top," writes Donnchadh Boyle.

Horan believes too much negativity surrounds the game in the way it is covered and argues that the championship has enjoyed a "great start" so far.

Horan has stepped into the media sphere since stepping down as Mayo manager after four seasons in charge of the Connacht men.

"(The coverage has been) way over the top," said Horan. "You've got to take matches and football and seasons as they are.

"If you take the main games that have been shown this year, that were televised - Tyrone and Donegal and Cavan and Monaghan last weekend - I thought they were fascinating games, very good games, played by two very good teams with a lot of skilful players."

Horan has signed on as a pundit with Newstalk for the summer and insists coverage in general needs more balance.

"There's always been a lot of focus on northern football particularly, from Tyrone in the noughties right through to Donegal.

"Some of that is unwarranted, some of it is fair.

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"Some of the games have been horrible to watch but I think on the whole there's been a lot more good games than bad games.

"If you read the paper, that's not reflected all the time.

"There might be one negative thing or two negative things in the game and that's all that's focused on in general commentary."

Horan hinted he'd like to return to management in the future but can't see him taking charge of anyone other than Mayo.

"I probably see myself (getting back into management) at some stage. I had four great years with Mayo, very enjoyable years but sometimes you just need to recharge and go and do a few different things, learn and get new experiences," he said.

"And then depending on how things go you never know what's in the future.

"I couldn't see (myself managing someone else) at the moment. I'm happy painting the house and that. I just couldn't see it, no.

"It's not something I've considered or would consider."

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